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Cushings Treatment for Pets
Made in USA - Adrenal Support for Dogs & Cats - Pet Supplement with Ashwagandha - Dog Kidney & Adrenal Gland Balance - Cat & Dog Supplement for Kidney Support


*USA delivery only
Vetflix Allergy & Immune drops will keep your pet's body healthy for years! If you're looking for a holistic remedy to support your friend's health from head to toe - Add to Cart now.

Vetflix is great for:✬ Healthy and shiny coat
✬ Itch-free skin
✬ Allergy prevention
✬ Immune system support

Made in USA with eternal love to our pets!
Aaron Unturbeger
My 12-year old dog was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrom. It was not a big surprise for me since I realize that it's a common health issue, considering her age. My doggy was very anxious at night, panted a lot, and drank water constantly. She could not sleep the night without having to go outside to relieve herself. Our vet recommended us Vetflix, and I ordered it from Amazon. Just after 1 week of taking this product, my dog has significantly reduced water consumption. Also, she stopped peeing so often and started feeling better overall. Currently, we are on the second week of Vetflix treatment, and I am totally happy with this product!
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