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Pet Allergy & Immune Support
Made in USA - Cat & Dog Allergy Relief - 100% Natural - Milk Thistle & Turmeric - Best Treatment for Dog & Cat Immune System - Vitamin C for Pets - Non-GMO

*USA delivery only
As you possibly know, allergy is the misguided reaction to foreign substances by the body's immune system, which pets can suffer from. There are quite a few different types of allergies, and all of them pose challenges for pets and their owners. Itchiness, diarrhea and vomiting, sneezing, and swelling of the face, ears, lips, eyelids, or earflaps can make your pet's life unhappy. You can try to avoid allergens, but we offer you another way.
We combined the years proven ingredients, like Milk Thistle, Elderberry, and Turmeric, to ease the symptoms of the most types of allergy naturally, and to increase your pet's immune resistance! Try it once, and you will be surprised by how effective VETFLIX is!

VETFLIX is full of amazing ingredients:

Milk Thistle - this herb contains a flavonoid compound called ""Silymarin"". It works by displacing toxins trying to bind to the liver and by causing the liver to regenerate quickly. It also stimulates the production of new liver cells.
Pumpkin - has a ton of vitamins very beneficial for pets. For instance, vitamin A greatly helps with vision, and vitamin C effectively helps boost the immune system to ensure that your furry friend's health is always in check.
Elderberry - is a powerful immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory remedy for allergy symptoms. Inflammation of the sinuses, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, swelling and a runny or stuffy nose can all benefit from this potent herb.
Echinacea - has been clinically proven as immunity boosting herb. The studies showed that it is especially useful with chronic respiratory infections.
Turmeric - is a beloved compound of folk medicine. It's a nutritional powerhouse that can alleviate pain with anti-inflammatory properties, relieve allergies and skin problems, and improve heart and liver conditions, as well as digestion.

And a little more about VETFLIX:

All natural ingredients
Veterinarian approved formula
Profound immune support
For cats and dogs
Made in the USA

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Austin Hill
I have a Central Asian Sheperd with a terrible allergy on blossom dust. During the flowering period, Gulliver sneezes and coughs all the time. Poor boy can't even walk outside as much as he needs because of this! I was trying some treatments, but none of them was effective enough to deal with his allergy.

This March, I finally found VETFLIX for Allergy and Immune support. I am so happy with it! Gulliver felt significantly better only after three days of usage. I treated him for about a month, and I can see that he doesn't sneeze that often, and doesn't have such harsh reaction on flowers as he did before. Now he can run across the fields freely.

VETFLIX made my dog happy again!
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