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Cranberry Dog & Cat Uti Treatment
UTI for Pets made in USA - Dog & Cat Kidney Support - Cat Bladder Drops - Pet Immune Health Supplement - Marshmallow, Dandelion Root, Pumpkin Seed - No GMO
2 OZ

*USA delivery only
Cranberry supplements are usually given to pets that have UTI because of its powerful abilities to prevent the adhesion of harmful substances on the inner surface of the walls of the urinary tract. These berries contain Vitamin C, E, and K as well as minerals manganese and copper, which are hugely beneficial for overall health, better blood clotting, and improved immune system. They also have a high ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatties for efficient anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.
Along with other ingredients, VETFLIX becomes an ultimate supplement serving to bring fast and long-term relief for pets suffering from UTI.

VETFLIX will surely help your pet to:

Alleviate pain and ease the inflammation for both dogs and cats - our treatment contains Cranberry, Organic Marshmallow Root, and Pumpkin Seed Extract to help the lining of the urinary tract to promote healthy bacteria.
Gently remove toxins from pets' body - taking VETFLIX daily will support digestive function and preventing such stomach troubles as gas and bloating, and helping to cleanse the whole organism.
Normalize bladder and kidney function fast - our natural ingredients are scientifically proven as active boosters for the renal system. Perfect for post-treatment therapy to keep your four-legged friend healthy.
Increase immune system resistance - cranberries are a source of antioxidants that provide powerful free-radical protection, encouraging a healthy immune response.

And a little more about VETFLIX:

All natural ingredients
Veterinarian approved formula
Profound renal support
For cats and dogs
Made in the USA

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Samanta Moore
My dog was needed an effective UTI treatment. She is allergic to some medicine, that's why I was looking for a natural solution. One of my friends persuaded me to try VETFLIX Uti, Bladder & Kidney, and I am thankful for that advice!

The incredible results appeared just in one week! I noticed that my dog's urination got normalized, and she doesn't feel pain anymore. Her inflammation was completely gone within three weeks of daily usage. We visited the vet some days ago, and he confirmed that Minnie is no longer sick!

Thank you, VETFLIX, you made my dog happy and healthy again!
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